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Patrycja [userpic]

January 31st, 2007 (12:37 pm)
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current song: Calling You - Celine Dion

So today I get to stay home yay!
No exams = no school =)

yes I am pretty happy today, though I'm still upset that I'm not employed :P I'm going today to Dominion and Heroes Burger to apply (ew burgers, w.e. work is work) My mom was like: what about that Petsmart interview you had? (Kay, they're not interested in 15 year olds, and not to mention I give shitty interviews so YEA). My mom also is gonna ask about if there are any spots open in the babysitting place at her gym, you get free gym membership with that job =) Which is mainly what I want.

downloading bleach 113 *squeeee* Ulquiorra FINALLY!

Started on one of my New Years Resolutions...
I actually ate a healthy breakfast *ish shocked* unbelievable, I had Scrambled Eggs, with one piece of toast (no margarine) and an apple =) and I am drinking water right now. Yeap *feels proud*

gonna go waste the rest of the day :P