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Craving: TENNIS

February 10th, 2007 (07:22 pm)

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So I don't crave normal things like other people. I crave the sport of tennis. I am missing the court, the running, the people, and most importantly the accomplishment of a great rally. And so another horrible week of eating, and sitting in the cold begins, I have nothing to do without tennis!

I am making a vow this year to play tennis to the MAX this year. Do the whole: wake up early and play against my dad for more than an hour. Unfortunately, I am moving and I don't know when the tennis courts near my house will be built...or where the current ones are anyway. I guess I'll have to jog or walk around to get to know the neighborhood and knowing my luck...absolutely NO gorgeous guys will live near me. Also, I don't have any tennis enthusiast friends, except Aleen, who is busy most of the time, or Hulya, who is moving away south while I move away north and wasn't very good anyway...(sorry Hulya you need to take lessons to perfect your game).

I'm going to stop ranting about tennis now :P

My healthy eating is going great! Now if only the weather would co-operate so maybe I could get my healthy cardio exercises going too. I've been doing things like: crunches, push-ups, sit-ups, bicycles, leg-lifts and came online to check for new ideas and I'm glad I did I found a website dedicated to slimming down your waist....perfect :)

c ya


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