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January 17th, 2007 (09:31 pm)

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I feel really


First of all my mom seems always angry with me, like if I go to the mall with her she's all like UR SPENDING MONEY! She's mainly mad because my phone bill from Poland was $236 its from 57 minutes worth of phone calls at 3 dollars per minute plus some txt messages. So now she won't borrow me money or anything not saying she has to it's just I have lots of stuff going on. CPT's, Exams and junk looking for a job is not first priority I could go try at Dominion I still have the application. Next I asked her about contact lenses and she says we should get my eyes checked so I started backing out knowing that getting my eyes checked would add up to: My mom getting all ashamed and sad that my eyesight has gotten a notch worse then pay for new subscriptions and I just thought about this: If my glasses go for about a week or something to get lenses in them (frameless) wtf am I gonna wear for that week? So I've sorta given up on hanging out with my mom.

I guess I should make some new years resolutions:
1) Loose some weight, get down to 125 lbs. DON'T even tell me I'm skinny because according to the BMI whatever shit I'm close to being Overweight. My BMI is like 23.4 and the numbers for healty weight should range 17 to 24.

2)Improve my fitness level by running more often, honest to god I can't run for a long time without getting all red faced and ugly besides I'm a tennis player I should run for long periods of time non-stop.

3)Try to stop complaining as much, the world doesn't care. I wish others would do that too, I'm so sick and tired of people coming to school and being like I HAD TO WAKE UP SO EARLLLLYYYYY....(me:) NO SHIT EINSTEIN. Even though I have to get up earlier than them every morning. I get mad with people who BS at me all the time, I get it enough from my dad.

4)Stop littering all together, I litter like once every two months or less, I should just stop.

5)Volunteer. Just...I have to get it done.

6)Take Grade 11 English in the summer.

7)Take French.

Yeap, that looks like alot, maybe I'll just do some you know see what I can manage.

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December 9th, 2006 (11:47 pm)

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MMmmkay, so maybe, I should post something before I leave for Poland just MAYBE. I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 becuase it totally pwns #2 xD
I didn't do ANY of my hmwk and tomorrow I am going shopping for MC's present =)
I already have presents for:
my mom, amanda, kristen, jess, vane, and NOTHING FOR ALEEN! O___O
jks, aleens pressie is one of the best and most thought out =)

I bought the Marie Antoinette CD and omg while I was at Sunrise I saw this little plushie of jack from The Night Before Chrsitmas and I was like :| MUST HAVE TEH PLUSHIE!!! But my mom had already spent like omg so much money on me so yea I spared her, but tomorrow I shall go buy it =) it'll probably by like 10 dollars MAX xD

gah i still have civics hmwk and project and yea...then I SHOULD be working on my history letters but...I duno its sort of hard to do the CPT (well duh its a CPT)

OMG now my rant about randomness...okay so I bought the Marie Antionette CD and I am SO freakin in love with it! and the movie!! =) and on Friday we watched Saving Private Ryan in History because it was about D Day and what not, and zomg so much graphic stuff and yea and it's totally true! So how can ppl do this to each other!? anyway, this SMART girl in my class laughed when the Americans shot a german and her answer (when someone said 'Thats not funny')was "Who cares, they're German" I was like O-M-G...people dying in general is NEVER funny, not to mention that I have a German friend and stuff and I wouldn't ever think it's okay to kill her just because she's German. I love her to freakin pieces. Come to think of it thats the same way Hitler thought, "Jews aren't equal/evil. So therefore its OKAY to kill them" (which is totally nuts and wrong)

Yes so anyway, if you are a TRUE friend of mine...you'll have read up to here...if not then nyah! xP

~c ya!!

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November 24th, 2006 (09:36 pm)

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Nerg okay so theres this VIRUS going around on msn that says: is this you? :P then it gives u this link to like modelpics.com but yea so it gets you interested. like who the hell is using MY PIC!? so u go check it out it asks you to download the file and then BAM you're stuck with 10+ Trojans and when you sign in on MSN it sends to everyone.
but thank god its Friday! ;)

yeah I dont feel like using proper grammer or what not... e e cummings was famous for it >__<

me and my math oriented friend were talking about english and we were like: What if Shakespeare didnt mean ANYTHING when he wrote that? he just DID!

yea I duno thoughts of math geeks revealed

c ya

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November 7th, 2006 (10:17 pm)

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I'm stuck I can't get a job or volunteer long term because I am going to Poland for the Christmas holidays, I'm just sort of watching most people that I know say that they hate their job or how they're juggling between volunteer hours and part time jobs. And then there is me, just sort of watching from a distance...

I'm considering getting a job in the new year, but then I start Drivers Ed in March (if they don't change the law!!) so then I'll be juggling: school, job, driving, and volunteer stuff. In the summer I'm going away to camp for 2 weeks in August, not to mention taking French class in summer school, just hoping that they offer it somewhere...

Well I'm back from dance class, waiting in line to take a shower, and finishing my careers project. I've got a trip on Thursday with my music class, I heard one of the pieces they'll be playing for us, its brilliant its called "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky (i think!) I'll have to buy a CD with his music its just awesome.

See you when I remember feel like updating
<3 Pati

P.S. I <3 emo reindeer lmao aleen  =)

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I lost wieght! :o

November 5th, 2006 (09:04 pm)

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Wowee I didnt think it was freakin possible but I lost 4 pounds, I definatly look better too, but I still have a grand total weight of:  144lbs

I think I lost the weight from:
A) drinking water
B) Dance class X____X <---killer
C) Tennis

Nurg I have to actually go back to dance class this week I had like a two week break and I can already feel the pounds packin on again X___X

C ya.


Remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground, the worst thing you could get from the opposite sex was cooties, dad was your hero and you could tell mom anything, your worst enemies were your siblings or your teachers, race issues was who ran the fastest, war was a card game, the only drug you knew was cough medicine and a girl who wore a skirt didn't have to be called a slut; the only thing you smoked were the tires on your bike, the only thing that hurt was skinned knees and the only things that could get broken were your toys. Life was simple and carefree, but what I remember most was wanting to grow up...

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October 15th, 2006 (10:10 am)

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Thats the pledge I am taking, if I EVER have thoughts of going may GOD SMITE ME. Ack it was a living nightmare! They kept draggin us to peoples houses whom we didn't know BTW! And I think I was so bored that I was going crazy...then on the day we had to leave they kept us at a friends house until 3 PM, its a fkin 5 hour drive to Toronto from there!! OMG and the TRAFFIC we had to stand in >__<

yea I'm done ranting...

So on a higher note:
1) Religion Presentation went great! (I think my teacher ACTUALLY knows my name)
2) I curled my hair on Saturday, it is now Sunday and STILL CURLED!  (well more like smexy waves yay!)
3) I have a ton of hmwk buy most of it has to be done on comp, so it's less of a drag...
4) Found THE PERFECT halloween costume!!
5) Starting Tennis Monday with ALEEEEN!!! =)
6) I might actually get around to developing the tennis pix >__<

yea thats about all of it...

c ya!
<3 Pati

P.s. one more thing that bothered me in Ottawa: they wanted me to play tennis against my little cousin, 'kay #1 can I sat AKWARD any louder, me and my cousin have like NOTHING to talk about, and um he's younger while I'm second in York Region with my partner (yay!). But my relatives were all like: He learned from a professional ALL SUMMER. And I was like shit I don't care, you can't pick up tennis if you can't master the movements, fkin rediculous. I'd rather play against my dad, someone who can beat me and I can attempt to beat him, thats better cuz I can learn, so nyah! 

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October 6th, 2006 (10:20 pm)

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I AM SO HAPPPYYYY =) not even sad that we lost =P
but my relatives are gonna rub it in my face "oh so you DIDNT get second place" >___< pfft I'd rather be there than here...everything is a reminder of school n shity-ness (srry I just hate religion SO much, like you don't belive it how much) I usually don't swear on the days when I have music but I swear when I have religion, ironic.
We're doing drama presentations (EW!) I just wanna get it the hell over with, I'll write some script then ask my group if it's okay, if they like it woopee, if not they can fix it....fuck
Srry... >____<
anyway I have a couple icons I guess I'll just spam them before my comp decides to crash again.

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September 21st, 2006 (11:13 pm)

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Okay so I AM dancing BWAHHAHAHAHA
anyway its realllly cool, painful, but cool.

I am on the tennis team playing doubles with my BF4L Aleen!! And tomorrow is a PA DAY!!


Tomorrow is gonna suck though...I have to finish the majority of my homework, convince my dad to play tennis with me, and convince my parents to buy me that Chanel bag off Ebay ON ACCOUNT OF I got Honor Roll *thank you* lol and I also scored in the top 25 percent of all participants in the Waterloo Math Contest (yes this classifies me as a SUPER NERD, can I also mention that I am NOT IN ANY AP CLASS?? YET I GET HIGHER THAN THE AP KIDS?? some of them at least....ANYWAY)

~peace (oh I feel gansta) ;)

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August 29th, 2006 (01:18 pm)

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Okay so I think my mom's back on the: 'Let's get Patrycja into dance classes' band-wagon.

My dad came home yesterday from Poland, bringing with him tons of presents from Poland. One being this adorable little memory box, or whatever, because its a box that you can lock so I guess you can use it for lots of things. And my cousin in all the pictures is super pretty! I'm gonna kill her if she thinks she's ugly.

After my dad came from the airport we took him to look at the different houses, he likes them all except they all have like one flaw or something, like this one has sidewalks, this one doesn't but its really close to a main street, you know? Stuff like that. We just have to see which one's are on sale, have a couple of our questions answered, and have someone come by and open our fav one (because they are all built just not finished yet). So yea I think we are going to move! Yi-pee!

Yeah so anyway. I don't know how to spend the last couple days of summer. I think I am going to wonderland on Thursday, I always dread Wonderland, but after one ride I am totally happy. I just hope we can get more people to come it'll be more fun =)


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August 25th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

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First, my mom says that dance classes are good, so she'll pay, now she's pulling out, saying that I spend too much money, maybe I do but like...I can't help it. I look at so much stuff that I can't afford! I guess I'll just bann shopping for a while, go for a walk and take out my anger with...stretching? I duno, besides I have like $100+ saved up I'll give it into the "Dance class fund"

I am making a vow. The next time I am offered to go shopping I say NO
I will do healthy things instead. (God this is gonns be fun)